Accessorize Your Kitchen

Steps to Properly Accessorize Your Kitchen

kitchen designObviously accessorizing a kitchen does not mean adorning it with quaint photographs or knick knacks, but it does mean arranging it in a means that stimulates the most production. Of course, enhancing your kitchen does not only focus on flawless production, but instead places an emphasis on safety and sanitation.

Step One: Clean the Clutter!

The kitchen is often the room with the most action. As a result, people seemingly leave all of their belongings, both personal and practical, spread about the counters, on top of the fridge, and even on the floor. While it might seem convenient to have all of your stuff easily accessible, it is dangerous and possesses the ability to cross contaminate any food. It also greatly slows down production. As a result and above all else, routinely clean the kitchen and remove any unnecessary, excess items.

Step Two: Functional Decor

A drab kitchen can actually slow down production due to the overall lackluster emotions it instills in those who work there. While you do not need to rush out to purchase the latest design magazine, a fresh coat of paint once in a while can greatly contribute to increased productivity and employee engagement in the workplace. It also makes the kitchen appear cleaner and more professional.

Step Three: Replace All Equipment!

It is often hard to regularly replace equipment due to their cost. However, certain products are incredibly affordable and require regular replacing, like dish towels. Detracting from sanitation and visual appeal are dingy dish towels, rusty equipment, and shoddy, old-fashioned stoves. Leave room in the budget to ensure these things can be replaced when needed.

kitchenStep Four: Labels

The Health Department actually requires all food to be clearly labeled in the restaurant industry, but it is also incredibly beneficial to label where certain utensils, equipment, and pots belong.

Step Five: See Through is the Best Policy

Labels are essential, but there is still always room for human error. In order to combat any potential mistakes, see through canisters are a great way to make sure that you are reaching for the right spices.


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