How to choose hair accessories

Hair accessories are beautiful, but not all of them are suited for your hair type or dress. Choose carefully to make sure you wind up with the right one. Here are the top helpful tips on how to choose the perfect hair accessory.

1. Know Your Hair Type

Know what best suits your hair type- be it thick, thin, curly, long, or short.

2. Consider the Outfit and Makeup on the Occasion

Know your outfit and makeup for an easy time choosing a hair accessory that would look good with both. Hair accessories may also enhance some features, like earrings can make small ears appear bigger; a brooch pinned above waist height can draw attention to slimness of the waist; jeweled straps on shoes can show off sleek ankles.

3. Know Your Face Shape

There are various face shapes to choose from- oval, square, round, heart-shaped, etc. And each has different characteristics in terms of their clothing style and accessories (hair). For example: when you wear bright shoes, it breaks up your body’s vertical lines, so you should avoid wearing them with jewel-toned dresses. If you have a round face shape, your hairstyle should be longer than chin length to add length to your face shape.

4. Choose Jewellery that Accentuates the Outfit

Choose jewelry that will complement the other jewelry and accessories you are already wearing. For example, if you wear an ethnic dress or outfit, it is best not to wear any statement necklaces or chunky jewelry because it might look out of place. The same thing goes for wearing flashy earrings when all your other accessories are plain. On the other hand, pairing chandelier earrings with understated clothing can make your hair accessory draw more attention than everything else.

5. Know How to Wear Earrings with Your Hair Style

Some hairstyles suit earrings better than others. For example, a bun is not the best place for a statement bib necklace- it will draw attention to your chin and neck when you want that attention on your face. On the other hand, if you have long straight hair, opt for chandelier earrings because they can make any outfit look stunning. (

6. Choose Hair Accessories that Suit Your Age

Some hairstyles are age-specific, so wear accessories based on your age group too- teenagers or girls up to 18 should avoid wearing excessive jewelry as it might cause them to look older than their years; women above 25 do not have to worry about this issue as much, but should not wear jewelry that appears childish. For example, a long pendant on a young girl might appear more suitable for an elderly lady.

7. Know Your Colours

Avoid wearing colored hair accessories(hårbånd) with black or dark outfits- it will look out of place and draw attention away from the outfit. The same thing goes for adding golden accessories(hårbøyler) to light clothes- they just do not match together well, no matter how stunning each accessory is individual. When choosing your colors, keep in mind the color wheel- choose warm over cool colors and bold over pastel shades.

Last but not least, Shop Around for Different Options. Shop around before purchasing anything to make sure there is nothing better out there at the moment. This applies even if you’ve bought something similar before- now’s always a good time to shop around! When it comes to hair accessories, there are many choices, and you might find something even better than what you had in mind.