Hair accessories

Hair accessories are decorative or utilitarian items that are braided, twisted, fitted, or else connected to the hair. Over history, different styles of decoration and the elements used to make them have reflected spiritual connotations, social status, age demographic, and style awareness.

Hair bands, ribbons and knots, hair clips, hair combs, headbands, pearls, string, hair spines and twigs, and other unattached random things thought to have artistic or cultural and social value are all forms of hair accessories. Hair bands are cylindrical shaped hair ornaments that are coiled all about the hair and are intended to keep tendrils of hair out from the face or similarly contain them.

Hair accessories have now been worn by men and women of all eras. At the conclusion of the middle ages, some hair accessories were discovered in Great Britain, Belgium, and France. However, the general trend in the twentieth and twenty-first century appears to be a dearth of hair decoration. Most present designs appear to concentrate on cuts and hair color.